Eclectic Wedding Photographers in the UK

Whether your big day is coming up, or you are simply a fan of art, wedding photography is one of the most popular art forms on the internet. There are a variety of services and techniques offered by different wedding photographers, so it is important to have a clear idea of what type of photos you want. Below we have assembled 8 of the UK’s best wedding photographers.


Steven Rooney


Steven Rooney is unique in the fact that he does not consider himself a wedding photographer. He instead considers himself a photographer who simply enjoys weddings. His style is wide-ranging and difficult to describe, but he produces work which dazzles couples for every occasion. Based out of North West England, Steven Rooney has won 19 international awards from Wedding Photography Select, judged two international photography competitions, and was featured in the top 10 creative photographers in the UK by Autographer. He may not consider himself a wedding photographer, but he is more than qualified to capture timeless images for anyone’s special day.


Aresh Chavada


Based out of London, Aresh Chavada is a highly talented wedding photographer with a specialisation in Asian, Indian, and Persian weddings. This specialisation allows him to understand the many different ceremonies associated with these weddings and take photos which reflect the most significant moments. Aresh Chavada’s cultural versatility and documentary style are just two of the reasons why he was featured within the “20 Best Wedding Photographers of 2015” by Fearless.


Beena Tohani


While Beena Tohani is extremely gifted with the camera, her wedding photography is best known for its ability to provide a full emotional display of the bride and groom. While other wedding photographers may aim for a superficial sense of happiness, Beena’s work is characterised by nervous energy and feistiness. Her photos accurately reflect the true feelings of the couple, something which takes on increasingly more significance as time passes, which also makes her an incredible portrait photographer.


Alex Beckett


Alex Beckett is a highly qualified wedding photographer based out of London. His work is very unique and often relies on the relationship between the couple and a very large backdrop. These backdrops are not typical, ranging from industrial settings to firework shows. While Alex Beckett is a talented wedding photographer, he is most revered for his infectious personality and attention to customer service.


Rich Howman


Based out of South West England, Rich Howman is known for his use of ambient lighting and natural backdrops. With shots often taking place in forests, by ponds, and in grassy meadows, Rich Howman is considered one of the best outdoor wedding photographers in the entire UK.  In addition to his impressive portfolio, Rich Howman offers fixed rates for weddings in the UK, surrounding Europe, and across the globe, and he has been spotted with a sporty monopod more than once!


Mike Garrard


Mike Garrard is one of the most recognisable names in all of wedding photography. In 2010 he was named “Photographer of the Year” by the United Kingdom Wedding Photography Association. In addition, he boasts 18 separate image awards from Fearless. His style is wide-ranging, making him a flexible option for couples without a true vision. Despite his office location in London, Mike Garrard offers wedding photography services around the world.


Sam Gibson


With 10 years of experience filming and directing documentaries for BBC, it is apparent that Sam Gibson knows his way around a camera. Sam Gibson’s wedding photography service stemmed from his love of humanity, a quality which has earned him countless testimonials from satisfied customers. His style does not use unique camera angles or odd lightning, but rather, sharp and vibrant images of a couple’s most intimate wedding moments.


Jon Mold


Joe Mold is an extremely talented photographer with a soft spot for families. As a passionate father and husband, Joe Mold has often been described by his clients as the perfect blend between a photographer and therapist. Aside from his superb customer service, Joe Mold has won countless awards and is currently ranked the #2 wedding photographer in the UK by Fearless. This ranking is no fluke, as Jon Mold is considered to be one of the most creative photographers in the world with regard to camera angles.


While many photographers offer wedding services with a tripod or monopod, you must ensure that your wedding photographer is a certified professional with the experience to document the full range of events and emotions. When considering the significance of a wedding, how could anyone make it through their special day without one of these highly qualified professionals?

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