Giotto’s MH5400-652 Ball Head Review

The Giotto’s MH5400-652 ball head mount is extremely flexible, allowing you to take photos from any angle that you desire. Locking your camera into place is simple; you just slide the camera mount base into the sliding plate horizontally and you will hear the auto lock click. Once your camera is secured in place, you will have full control of your camera’s position. Getting a precise shot is easy with Giotto’s 652 ball head, thanks to the separate adjustments for pan lock and friction control. This ball head is exceptionally high quality and it is able to support a weight capacity up to 6kg, meaning that it can support anything from a simple DSLR to heavy professional equipment. The flanged edges are an additional feature that helps to keep your camera secure—ensuring that it will not fall out of place when in the full vertical position. The 652 ball head has a convenient vertical slider notch, allowing you to achieve the perfect vertical angle every time. Each ball head also features a convenient bubble level for the horizontal position. Lastly, setting up and packing away your gear is quick and simple, thanks to this ball head’s quick-release feature. You just pull the quick release lever and the quick release plate detaches from your tripod’s body.

All of Giotto’s ball heads are hardened for strength and feature a hollow design, creating a durable and lightweight product. The MH5400-652 ball head is compatible with several tripods sold by Giotto, in addition to sliding camera mounts and glide tracks. This is a great ball head for everyone, from a beginner to an expert photographer. The simple controls are easy to master by a novice user, but the advanced movability and versatile design of this ball head will also satisfy the needs of an expert photographer. Like all Giotto’s products, the MH5400-652 ball head is built to last and was designed to be a practical and convenient choice to satisfy each photographers’ needs. Most importantly, perhaps, this ball head has many security features—making it a product that you can trust your camera with.

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