Giotto’s MTL 8360B Carbon Fibre Tripod and 652 Head

We are sorry, but the Giotto’s MTL 8360B Carbon Fibre Tripod and 652 Head is no longer available. However, the Giotto’s MTL9251B Tripod is a great alternative that will meet all of your tripod needs. Read on for a full review of the product.

The Giotto’s MTL9251B Tripod offers many of the same features as the MTL8360B, along with some upgrades. Compared to the MTL8360B, the MTL9251B is slightly shorter in body, but it can extend to a greater height by elongating the centre column all the way (producing a total length of 161cm vs 154cm). Both of these tripods offer lightweight and sturdy designs, but the MTL9251B is slightly lighter due to its aluminium structure. The shorter body size of the MTL9251B and the lighter frame make this tripod easier to carry when travelling, without sacrificing photographic range.

The MTL9251B is an excellent tripod for outdoor photography. The new quick action lever leg lock system makes setting up your tripod fast and easy. In addition, the quick release leg lock function allows you to individually adjust the lengths of each leg—a feature that enables you to take levelled shots on uneven terrain. This tripod also features spiked feet, making it easy for you to secure your tripod to the ground. The centre column of this tripod can be fully extended, allowing you to achieve high altitude or aerial style photos; alternatively, the centre column can be reversed and the tripod legs can be adjusted to the lowest position, in order to achieve low-level macro shots. This tripod features comfortable grips and is easy to fold and carry in a backpack or equipment bag.

With this tripod, you don’t have to sacrifice a lightweight design for a sturdy product, thanks to the robust and durable hollow aluminium frame. The MTL9251B is fully adjustable to the height that you desire, and the hollow legs reduce vibrations and stabilise your camera. You can pair this tripod with a ball head mount, or a head kit such as the MH5011. Overall, this tripod is a great alternative to the MTL8360B, even offering some of its own advantages.

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