Giottos MTL9351 B Tripod Review

The MTL9351B tripod has been a very reliable device for me so far. The legs are made of aluminium and are sturdier than you might expect. They also include quick action lever leg locks, which I vastly prefer over the old-fashioned that you had to twist off entirely and then painstakingly put back on. These new quick locks only need to be turned 1/8th of a rotation for you to be able to move whatever part of the head they lock into place.

Another function this tripod includes, which will hopefully become a staple in the production of future tripods, is a centre column that can be completely removed and rotated at 180 degrees (plus locked wherever you’d like.) I’ve gotten some excellent low level shooting done quite comfortably using this feature. The MH5011 3-Way head is included with this tripod and it’s a pretty impressive addition in itself. Sturdy cast aluminium and tilt handles that make it considerably easier to pan than many other tripods in the same market.

I’ve never really needed to grab my camera off of the tripod to take a picture of something somewhere else, but the head does feature a quick release system for any sporadic photographers out there. The weight limit might be a tad restrictive for some at 4kg, but it still works well with a large variety of cameras. I would warn buyers that the adjustable portions all around are a bit stiff at first, but this will quickly resolve itself as you continue to use it at all of its different angles.

If you do find any other trouble with the head, don’t forget you can easily change it out for most any head you’d like or currently have. I had trouble with it when I attached my zoom lens to one of my canons, it simply wouldn’t hold it as securely as I liked, even with the safety catch. Also good to consider you probably won’t be able to get anything near this quality for this price from the other brands like Manfrotto or similar companies. If you’d never tried Giottos before, this one might make a good introduction for you.

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