Giotto’s Silk Road Series YTL8213 Carbon Tripod with the 652 ball head review

The Giotto’s YTL Silk Road series provides a compact and travel-friendly design. The innovative Y-shaped centre column reduces the circumference of this tripod when folded by 30% over competing brands. When you fold your tripod, the legs easily fit into the grooves in the centre column, making the design compact. In addition, the lightweight design of this tripod makes it easy to carry; the tripod itself is under 2kgs, but the YTL8213 can support up to a massive 10kg weight capacity—enabling you to use this tripod with anything from a simple DSLR to heavy professional equipment.

This tripod and ball head are extremely flexible, allowing you to take photos from any altitude or angle that you need. In addition to the convenient Y-shape, the centre tube is also fully adjustable. The YTL8213 tripod is already the tallest in the Silk Road Series, but the adjustable centre tube makes it even easier for you to take high altitude or aerial style shots. You can also take beautiful macro shots with this tripod by adjusting the legs to the lowest position. Giotto’s patented Quick and Easy Leg Lock (QEL) system allows you to conveniently adjust the lengths of each of your tripod’s leg individually.  The 652 ball head also provides you with complete control over your camera’s angle; with separate controls for pan lock and friction control, it is easy for you to get precisely angled shots.

This product is made out of quality material and has a sturdy and practical design. The 8X multi-layered carbon fibre legs are rigid and can easily be locked into place after you have adjusted each leg to your desired length. The legs also feature spiked feet so that you can securely lodge your tripod into the ground. The 652 ball head mount, which works perfectly with the YTL8213, can sustain a heavy camera while allowing you to get shots from any position. Further, the added safety features of the Giotto’s ball heads, including auto lock functions and flanged edges to prevent your camera from slipping out of place, can put you at ease knowing that your camera is secure. Overall, this is a great quality, durable, and lightweight product that is perfect to take with you on the go.

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