Great Photography Blogs Every Photographer Should Follow

Whether you are new to photography or a seasoned vet, chances are you are a huge fan of blogs! While blogs certainly educate and entertain, they also represent a serious marketing avenue for contemporary photographers. Successful blogs lead to very large social medial followings, allowing the photographer’s work to be seen by thousands of people every day! We have assembled 10 of the best and most popular photography blogs on the web!  These viral blogs offer all of the tools and knowledge needed to be a successful photographer.



Blog:     Twitter: @photofocus

Photofocus is the one of the largest photography based sites on the web. Founded by Scott Bourne, a photographer with over 40 years of experience, Photofocus serves as the foundation for aspiring photography professionals. The blog’s content offers beautiful photos, techniques, news, and interviews with popular photographers.


Joe McNally

Blog:     Twitter: @JoeMcNallyPhoto

Joe McNally is one of the most revered names in photography. He is considered a generalist, having the versatility to cover a wide range of assignments. Joe McNally’s versatility it put on full display in his blog. Readers can expect content which teaches them a variety of new techniques every week.  In addition, you have the ability to compare your work with that of a true photography legend.


Jeremy Cowart

Blog:     Twitter: @jeremycowart

Jeremy Cowart is a pure artist. He started his professional career as a painter and graphic designer before making the switch to professional photography. With this variety of artistic talent, Jeremy Cowart offers photography bloggers creative ideas for taking better photos. He is also very accessible, often posting meet-and-greet opportunities for followers. With this type of fan interaction, it is no surprise that Jeremy Cowart manages one of the most popular photography blogs on the web.


Chase Jarvis

Blog:     Twitter: @chasejarvis

Chase Jarvis is an award winning photographer and one of the most recognizable names in the profession. His attention to art and pop culture has earned him commercial work for companies such as Nike, Pepsi, and Apple. This attention to branding and professionalism are two points, which are examined constantly throughout his blog. Any aspiring photographer can benefit from the vast amount of entrepreneur-based content.


Jasmine Star

Blog:     Twitter: @jasminestar

With over 96.000 Twitter followers, Jasmine Star has become an internet personality through her work. Starting out as a wedding photographer, Jasmine used her connections and experience to slowly emerge into the overarching photography profession. Because of internet stardom, attention to social media marketing is a common theme in many of her posts. Jasmine Star’s blog is perfect for anyone looking for the first steps in their career as a professional photographer.



Blog:     Twitter: @storbist

Originally starting out as a photojournalist, David Hobby made the transition to online blogging as early as 1995! His dedication to his Storbist has earned him over 300.000 subscriptions from photographers in 175 countries. Put simply, his content offers the best lighting techniques of any other photography site on the web.


Skip Cohen University

Blog:      Twitter: @SkipCohen

While many professional photographers are dedicated to educating their peers, no one sells this point harder than Skip Cohen. His site, Skip Cohen University, serves to educate photographers in all areas of the photography business. After reading through education articles, aspiring photographers can then delve into the entertaining blog. Overall, Skip Cohen University offers the fundamental education every photographer should have.


Scott Kelby

Blog:     Twitter: @ScottKelby

Scott Kelby’s abilities as a graphic designer and processer make him one of the most popular names in photography. He is the current president of the National Association of Photoshop, and uses his chief site ( to offer graphic design training to photography professionals. Additionally, his blog content focuses on incorporating graphic design training with traditional photography techniques, giving readers a true appreciation for contemporary style.


Stuck in Customs

Blog:     Twitter: @TreyRatcliff

With a blog that receives 175.000 viewers a day, Trey Ratcliff is considered the most popular travel photographer in the world. His blog, Stuck in Customs, showcases his travels across all seven continents with a special attention to great photography techniques. Trey Ratcliff is so dedicated to this blog that he promises and delivers a new picture from his current location every single day. Trey’s photos serve to entertain, but also offer aspiring photographers different examples of various outdoor shooting strategies. Beyond the strategies, the addictive photos may inspire you to travel beyond the UK is search of the “right shot.”


Flak Photo

Blog:     Twitter: @AndyAdams

Flak Photo is an amazing culmination of photography from artists, curators, designers, painters, and global organizations. The blog’s founder, Andy Adams, is an accomplished photographer with a passion for highlighting the best talent in the business. He has the ability to crawl the web and find some of the best photography, even if the work has not gone viral. To aspiring professionals, this blog can be effectively used to compare work with some of the very best in contemporary photography.


While these are some of the best and most popular blogs on the internet, it does not mean they are the only ones in existence! There are thousands of photographers who blog with no intention of pursuing a professional career, often making their work harder to find.  By appreciating work in a wide variety of blogs, both amateur and professional, you are contributing to your own talent and understanding of the art form. Happy blogging, everyone!

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