Top 6 Moments for Using a Tripod

It is undeniable. Tripods are a necessity if you are serious at all about photography. As cameras continue to progress and evolve with current technology, so does the equipment that follows. Lens, lighting, and editing programs are just the tip of the iceberg of how technology has impacted how we capture life’s most intriguing and precious moments. Depending upon the kind of photography that you are interested in shooting, there are various kinds of equipment that are used to get the desired results. Even more, there are also various tricks that you may have learned as an apprentice or discovered over the years that favour themselves more than others. While you can blanket this type of logic over photography as a whole, it really isn’t more relevant than when you are analysing the usage of tripods.

While there are many occasions that you are going to need a tripod, there are many moments where they are an utter necessity to get the best photograph you can. Of course, not every shoot you attempt to capture warrants having a tripod, but knowing the moments where it is essential that you have a tripod is crucial to truly being a professional photographer. Read on to discover the pro tips for when you really need a tripod!

  1. When you are taking close up shots

Taking close up shots are one of the most difficult types of images to capture. Depending on the type of picture you are aiming to capture, how small the object you are photographing actually is, and the environment you find yourself in, a close up shot can be one of the most difficult ones to master. Further, depending on the kind of camera that you are using, a close up picture may be difficult to capture when your camera is so sensitive to the elements. But when you add a tripod to any of these scenarios, the game definitely changes. You will be able to heave a sigh of relief knowing that you literally have something that is not only going to steady your camera, but your confidence. Getting up close and personal with an object, all while maintaining your balance and focusing the camera perfectly becomes a reality when you add a tripod to the equation. Many photographers have learned really quickly when taking close up shots that without their tripod, they really would not have been able to get the right shot.

  1. When you are taking sunsets and night time shots

At twilight or night time, natural lighting becomes a rare commodity as the sun begins to set. When this happens, you are forced to get more light into the camera lens so that you are able to adjust the exposure and shutter speed when it is on ‘night’ setting. But as you adjust the shutter speed to a slower setting, you will notice that there is a chance that the shake of the camera will be much more noticeable and your pictures may come out blurry. Of course, you don’t want this to happen when trying to get the perfect shot of the evening sunset over a mountain range or capture photos of a party late at night! One of the best ways to avoid a blurry photo during these times of the day is to use a tripod. Ultimately, the tripod is going to be a saving grace when reducing the camera movement. This means you are going to get pictures that are not only excellent in quality, but something you can be proud showing off. So when you go for that early morning sunrise picture, make sure you remember to take your tripod with you!

  1. When capturing action or sports shots

All the experts would agree that taking an action or sports shot entirely depends on panning. Imagine being at a football match trying to capture your favourite player running down the pitch, and not having a steady surface to mount your camera to when you are panning the field. What would result from this is bad timing and blurry photographs. Panning is practically impossible if you don’t have a trusty tripod to make your job achievable.

  1. When you have to be flexible

And we don’t just mean physically! As a photographer, you have to be prepared to stretch all the limits. Keep in mind that a tripod isn’t only built to hold cameras, but they can also be excellent camcorders and light stands that holds flashing units, slaves, and/or reflectors. Many times a tripod has been a saving grace for those moments when parts break or are accidentally left behind, so for instances where you have to be flexible with what you’ve got, a tripod truly is an added benefit. But, they also are handy for when you have to be physically flexible. Many subjects or clients may require you to capture an image that without a tripod would be impossible for you to get. Luckily, most tripods can be held in impossible poses so you can get the picture you need!

  1. When you want to capture a creative shot

A tripod will naturally cause you to slow down and really think about the shot you are trying to achieve. In many instances, you are able to get your tripod into both positions and environments that you may not have been able to if you didn’t have it. With the capability to be contorted, a tripod can really open up your creativeness in the field. But even when you are doing a studio shoot, a tripod is going to allow you to focus on other elements in the frame like the lighting and subject. This can often lead to you capturing images you otherwise wouldn’t have!

  1. When you are doing nature shots

From animals and plants to scenic landscapes, capturing a nature shot can require the photographer to wait around for hours just to get the perfect lighting or for an animal to actually appear. Having a tripod means you can always be ready to shoot and it will also make you a lot less tired holding up a camera for so long!

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