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Cobao Lazy Desktop and Bed iPhone Holder




Product Description: It is portable and very convenient to use without any hesitation while you are vlogging, taking pictures and even talking using your phone’s camera. It is easy to uninstall after, thus you can use it around hanging your neck anytime and anywhere you want.


Quick and easy is what everyone wants. This is one of the handiest mobile tripod handles and is made fitted for those who are fond of doing videos such as if you are a beauty, fashion, fitness and travel vlogger in Youtube or if you want to show it on your social media. If you want your hands to be free from holding anything, hanging it around your neck makes it even more comfortable as you use the tripod, install it on your table as the base of the tripod is retractable. It comes with different colours which will tailor fit your needs.

It is important that before you’re going to purchase a product, you need to know more about its specifications. This helps you determine what are the do’s and don’t’s, a little background of the product and how you’re going to use according to its compatibility item. This type of product is made out of plastic. As mentioned, this is compatible with iPhone Apple mobile devices such as the iPhone 3G, 4, 4s and 5. This comes in different usage this model can only be mounted on your car.


  • View product description provided on the page.
  • Smartphone tripod comes in variations of colors
  • It is 100% made out of plastic, and lightweight
  • Designed either for hand carry or hang around the neck for its usability.
  • Features: can be mounted on the car, table, anywhere you want, it has magnetic cradle cell phone holder which makes your mobile phone in place and safe from falling.


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