Yunteng Docooler C-188 Monopod Phone Holder




In this generation, taking pictures have been very essential no matter what the age group is. The word “selfie” and “groupie” have been invented which generally means taking pictures of yourself on your own and taking one’s picture with other people. Before, doing selfies and groupies were very difficult because digital cameras had no mirrors to make sure you look good or that everyone fits in the picture. This is the reason why monopods and tripods have been made—and that is to make selfies and groupies easier than before.

The Yunteng monopod is not just an ordinary monopod because it can also be used as a tripod adapter. It has the easiest way of tripod adaptability which means that devices like the go pro series can be secured easily. Also, it has a non-slip handle which is very much ideal for people who are scared that their devices might fall easily. It also has a unique ball head which makes it easy for the device to be rotated about 360 degrees and to any angle. Also, the ball head has a lock that can easily secure your device.


  • The length of Monopod: You can go for as short as 40 mm and can go high up to 120 mm.
  • Material: This device is made of aluminum which makes it handy and portable at the same time very easy to manipulate and handle. It only weighs 300 grams.
  • Compatibility: It has an adjustable holder especially for mobile phones of any size. It also has a screw hole that is most adaptable to any tripod.
  • Strength: Even if it is lightweight it can carry up to 2.5 kilograms.
  • Other Features: It comes with a non-slip handle to make sure that your device is secured at all times.



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