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FeoconT Lightweight Universal 330A with Three Way Head




Description: If you ever own a digital SLR, you would love this type of tripod, as it gives you the convenience. It is portable and can be carried around wherever you want to go.


Do you want to have videos wherein you want to select particular scenes while you are filming it? The good thing about this type of tripod is that it has a head that you can make benefit. Having an angle by angle recording of videos surely makes you skillful when it comes to this matter. Learning the technique will give you an idea as to how you’re going to improve yourself especially if you desire to be in the filming industry.

At this point, you need to know more about the product before you are going to buy it. It is essential that you make the most of the skills that you are about to learn as you are going to explore. You must understand that even if this is for professional use, you can still definitely use this as a means of practicing your skills. This is made of an aluminum material, and it is very useful for those who own a camera recorder. This has an extended length of 135mm and a folded extension of 485mm.


  • Steady lightweight
  • Portable
  • It has a three way built in head that are adjustable
  • Ease of use- you can easily fold it and store it in its designated bag
  • This is very suitable for all types of camera, DSLR, and other camera recorders
  • Unlike any other tripod stands, its head is adjustable, the extent that you can totally rotate it to an angle that you want to take a photo.
  • Very satisfying to most people who have purchased this type of tripod product.


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