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Foleto Octopus Tripod for Phones




This handy gadget will grab chances with you when doing your picture perfect moments with your phone and cameras. When it comes to travelling light while taking excellent photos from one corner to another, this product can take from almost any angle through the widespread tripod screw.

  • Brand: Basic
  • Size: 165x35x35 mm
  • Weight: 46g
  • Maximum capacity: 275g
  • Materials used: Rubber plus metal
  • Recommended use: Outdoor and indoor activities
  • Available colors: Black, red, blue


  • This is designed universally for mobile phones plus it is also compatible with different kinds of compact cameras which are to withstand but be sure also to check if your camera has this hole on the screw otherwise it won’t be able to be secured properly while using it.
  • Its head can withstand a 360-degree rotation made especially for camera phone GoPro plus it is also adjustable which can move from left to right to make a great shape for capturing that picture perfect moment due to its flexibility.
  • It contains a ¼-in universally made tripod screw to fit in all kinds of compact cameras. It also has a foldable holder which fits best on mobile phones with a measuring width of 2.2 inches like the iPhone 4 or a maximum 3 inches just like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as an example.
  • This item weighs around 275g which includes three flexible legs which each of them covers some nine black ball and socket joints.
  • Aside from that it does give you an assurance of travelling light, it has gray rings, feet and a link cushion that are made out of rubber.
  • Another, the link mentioned is attached with screws which usually come in digital camera sizes, but it can be removed due to a lock release button.
  • One friendly advice to prevent from hurting your phones or cameras before attaching it to the tripod, be sure to unscrew it first then screw it altogether
  • Lastly, this also comes with a variety of colors such as black, red and blue that suits well with any outfit you wear.



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