Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW large Camera backpack




Easily manage your gadgets with this excellent quality backpack, which you may put anything in it you want that can fit in its internal divider. Originally, this backpack can contain cameras, lenses, laptop, tripods and anything you want that can fit in their designated part in the backpack. It does also have its own coat for protection in the rain. You can transform this backpack anything you want because of the different access zipper area, and it has many pockets you may use. This is the best backpack for the travelling photographer because of its special functionality.


  • The bag pack weighs 2.6kg.
  • It has an internal dimension of 31.8 x 19.8 x 44 cm.
  • the exterior has a dimension of 34.8 x 27 x 48.8 cm.
  • Comes in two colors with color black and brown.
  • Material use in the backpack is polyester.
  • It is a durable and a hard bag to protect your camera.


  • Have different pockets that you may use for your SLR camera and other items.
  • Have a divider inside that can coat and protect things inside the backpack.
  • It has its own raincoat for the rainy season.
  • It has waist belt so you can hold the backpack tightly.
  • It can contain heavy devices.
  • Design with a belt holder beside the backpack so you can hold anything like a tripod.
  • Perfect for traveling because the backpack can carry many gadgets.
  • Have cool design and color.
  • Best backpack for the professional photographer.
  • Camera and laptops are safe from damages because of the foam inside the backpack.
  • Have different zipper opening that you can get the gadgets in the backpack any position you want.
  • The backpack camera bag can store items by sliding them easily inside the pockets.


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