National Geographic NG2345 DSLR Canvas Camera Bag for Canon Nikon




The National Geographic NG2345 professional DSLR canvas camera bag is a beautiful bag that is great for professional and photography enthusiasts. The single shoulder case travel photo bag will let you travel easily without the need of putting it down since you can let it rest on your laptop. It will let you keep your camera bag near you at all times and even wear it while taking your shot and changing lens. The National Geographic logo is embroidered on the khaki camera bag. It comes in black and khaki that matches a photographer’s fashion style. The camera bag has many pockets to accommodate all of your camera accessories. It has a sturdy padded sling that can carry the weight of the bag. There is much room for your camera and additional lenses inside the bag.


  • The soft camera bag has a model number NG2345.
  • The sling shoulder camera bag’s material is canvas.
  • The bag comes in either black or khaki color.
  • The Camera bag has external dimensions of 23cm × 22cm × 14cm and internal dimensions of15cm × 14cm × 10cm.
  • It is lightweight that is only 0.9kg.


  • A multi-use camera sling bag that can be conveniently worn with any fashion style.
  • The black or khaki canvas material is strong enough to last for years in your travels with your camera.
  • It can be easily cleaned, washed and dried in the washing machine.
  • The lining inside the camera bag prevents scratches on your camera and cushions it from any accidental bumping while on the go.
  • The long sling around your shoulder helps in working flexibility because you can work fast with your stuff in the bag.
  • It is well-suited for Canon, Nikon, and other DSL cameras.


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