Q666 Pro QZSD-02 Professional Portable Tripod & Monopod – 35cm / 15kg




Are you fond of taking photos in whether landscape or portrait type of photographs? How about taking a photo from a nice panoramic view from different beautiful spots and places you travel? If this is your hobby, and you want it to be a part of your career, then start yourself purchase a photo equipment that will help you manage your profession or hobby of being a professional photographer, why not try this portable set of tripod and monopod for your DSLR camera and experience the standard quality and its good results of output from using this item into your digital camera, indeed you will enjoy your craft in photography.

Item Specs:

  • This photo equipment which has a brand name life have extended length of 1,560mm and length fold of 340.
  • The model number is QZSD Q666 which has a panoramic head with a tube diameter maximum of 25mm and tube diameter minimum 13mm; It weighs of 1,460g and its made from aluminum, and it can be convertible to monopod too.
  • It also has 5 section and with good package and load from 15kilogram. This photo equipment is used for Digital Camera particularly DSLR type. What is good about this item is, it is customized.
  • Another to take note when purchasing this item is if you have seen the yellow rings plastic which falls out, this, not a problem and you don’t have to worry about this part because falling of this part is just normal and it does not affect the quality and the whole physical features of the equipment.
  • This item is an advantage for travellers wherein you can bring anywhere you want to go; you can fold it easily and at the same time you can carry it on your own because it has less weight.



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