Q999 Folding Mini Tripod Monopod with Detachable Ball Head




Are you fond of travelling into some places especially beautiful spots and take photos on it? Is it always your best interests to capture beautiful panoramic view landscape or portrait type of photographs? Then this Mini foldable tripod/ monopod best fits for you. You can now take photos with you together with those beautiful backgrounds and strike a pose in any position or angle you want with no hassle setting your camera on its right set. This would be a good choice for a travelling photographer and

The item weighs 1280g with has a foldable length of 295mm. This is a mini tripod and very light type of photo equipment. It is good for those who have Digital Camera and DSLR too. The number of the model item is Q999 and has extended the length of up to 1510. It has a good package, and the material was made from aluminum. Its head is the detachable and very handy type of tripod because you may carry it with one hand which does not weigh so much to you. The item is said to be a travelling photo kit.

  • Very handy
  • Mini type of tripod
  • The head ball is detachable
  • Suitable for those travel buddy
  • Easy to fold
  • Does not weigh too much
  • Good for any digital camera
  • Capture photos without hassle
  • The item can be convertible into monopod
  • Easy to set up and assemble
  • The item is free for shipment
  • The material was made from aluminum which is durable
  • The packaging is by piece or unit of tool which is easy for you to assemble or set up
  • Since it is mini type of tripod, you can set or place in any position or angle you want


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