Q999 Professional Portable Tripod




The Professional Photographic Portable Tripod to Monopod for DSLR Camera is a type of tripod monopod that you can use for a better photographic shoot of images. You can guarantee quality photos that you can shoot which makes you more professional in photography. The good thing with this tripod, it is already two in one that you can use it as a monopod for taking quick but clear and good shots of photos. Using this tripod monopod is great for different photo shoot activities that you are going to conduct. Just get these materials ready whenever you need to shoot either at higher or lower position level.


  • Brand name and model: QZSD-Q999
  • Type of head: Ball head
  • Type of use: Mini Tripod for Digital Cameras
  • Material used: Aluminum and Magnesium Alloy
  • Weight capacity (g): 1460
  • Load Capacity (kg): 15
  • Length when folded (mm): 430
  • Length when extended (mm): 1630
  • Maximum height when stretched (mm): 1585
  • Minimum height when stretched (mm): 565
  • Packaging size: 35 cm by 15 cm by 15 cm
  • Packaging Weight (kg): 1.800


  • The item is good as tripod and monopod as well for professional photographers using their DSLR cameras.
  • Very portable since it is foldable and lightweight to carry. Take it with you whenever you need to do a photo shoot in every other location.
  • The tripod is stretchable that can make you take shots from higher level locations. No more worries about taking shaky images.
  • Customize the tripod that you can place your camera into the inverted position for a ground level photo shoot.
  • Use monopod for a more active photo shoot experience. Monopod version is lighter which you can easily use to take images of those unforgettable scenes.
  • Most of all, this product is sturdy, and you can rely on it on your photo shoot activities.


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