QZSD-Q620 Professional Tripod with Ball Head Extension



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Description: Are you looking for a professional camcorder tripod that will tailor fit your camera model? If so this is what you are looking for. It is the best to use for camera SLR, and if you ought to purchase this product, you will surely then have to experience free shipping through DHL.


It’s time that you stand out your skills in doing videos through the use tools that will enhance the kind of video that you want to produce. Tripods are of great assistance especially if you want to capture the exact angles that you want to achieve. With this an amazing will surely give you a definite result of the video.

The tripod is basically for professional use, more so, its compatible gadget is the camera recorder. Its material is made out of Aluminium just like any other tripod. You can even fold this for easy convenience while you are travelling from one spot to another. It would be best as well to purchase this type of tripod from a reputable retailer for you to have a good quality experience whether you are working or by just filming your video with the use of the tripod.


  • The tripod comes with non-slip legs.
  • Camera is easy to install into the tripod
  • It has adjustable screws so you can slip in the disk and at the same time readjust if screws become loose
  • Tripod is easily folded as you go out and about travelling
  • As high as 1800mm you can reach the kind of level that you want to film or capture as you are using the tripod.
  • This comes in variations depending on your need of use. Select the type of length for you to have the best result.


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