Foleto s40 Steadycam



Looking for a tripod that is compatible with your light travelling but is also budget friendly? Then this product is ready to come along with your journey plus proves that it can be your partner in crime when capturing those scenarios that will totally leave you breathless.


  • Water-resistant: No
  • Allotted length: 180 mm
  • Weight: 50g
  • Category: Mini Tripod
  • Brand: Camera GoPro
  • Materials used: Aluminum, plastic, carbon fiber
  • Ideal use for: Digital Cameras, Mobile Phones
  • Inclusive Package: No
  • Model Number: Flexible Tripod
  • Available colors: Black, red, blue
  • Customizable: Yes
  • Recommended use: Outdoor tripod, action cameras, and phones fit for tripod
  • It contains aluminium as a material which is specialised for an action camera that will surely hold is steady.
  • It weighs around 50g with an extended length size measuring from 180 mm, but when it is being folded, it measures up to 15 mm only which is helping you make room for your other things.
  • What it also comes is fashionably ready to go colors which are red, blue and black that keeps a neutral clash in whatever outfit you wear.
  • Hence, this type of tripod is originally made from Guangdong, China with model number SN-06.
  • Aside from the fact that it helps you take perfect shots; this is specifically made to be portably light weight wherein it also offers a secure position according to how to want it to be placed since it has a complete compact, a stable structure which does not tremble like aftershocks.
  • Moreover, it has a comprehensive flexibility which has a hard plastic sponge as a choice of material, so it is just very comfortable for the human hand to handle.
  • Just like other tripod features, this too has a detachable link attachment that comes with a lock plus a release button to complete the package then it still has those nine black and socket joints win each leg that can rotate at 360 degrees.
  • Take note also that in its link attachment screws, it can fit with sized digital cameras plus has the advantage of being removable just like other units.
  • It can reach a level over a camera even on different surfaces which can sustain a maximum weight of 500g.

The package includes 1-piece flexible tripod without the camera and other accesso


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