Universal Tripod Tablet Mount




Description: This is one of the best tools for professionals especially those who have business in photography. If you are an aspiring photographer, investing in this type of stand holder is the best choice for you to carry around. Would it be nice to be carrying around a professional tool that will make your clients feel that they are in good hands when it comes to taking their pictures?


Do you want to have a full-time experience in giving out the best customer service to your clients? One of the best things that you can offer is to give them the convenience while they are having their pictures taken by a professional and that is you. Its usage is very flexible such as displaying it on the table for a better angle. What’s added is, it have a handy bag that you can carry and even place all the necessary tools for picture and video taking.

Investing for this type of product can be worth your while because it can help you look professional as well in combination with your skills in photography. This has specifications such the dimension is about 1060mm x 350mm, and it can fold to about 355mm, with a diameter of 16.8mm. The type of head can swivel up to 360 degrees.


  • This product is very durable
  • This does not only support iPhone usage, but you can also use you digital camera
  • Very handy to set it up and even store it for your convenience.
  • Compatibility to almost digital cameras
  • This also has a good grip when it comes to placing your gadget on the head.
  • It is non-slip, thus this has legs that are made out of aluminum, and it is very solid.


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