WT1003 Professional Lightweight Monopod (67″/171cm)




Are you looking for equipment that would help you in making a professional photo shoot? Do you want something that would enhance the value, effects and the right angle of the photos you want to take as a photographer? Then why not try to purchase this photo equipment that will help you in your photography career and change your good results for better results and with standard performance. Have this Set of tripod and monopod photo equipment which you can buy in the item store that can give you with satisfied output and establish a professional performance.

Item Specs:

  • The Portable tripod and monopod for DSLR Camera is a professional type of photo equipment which was made from aluminium. It weighs 15kg which can be convertible to monopod too. Its length can extend up to 1,560mm and fold to 340mm. It has a panoramic head, and it’s made customised.
  • The minimum tube diameter has 13mm, and the maximum tube is 25mm. What is good about this item it is durable and guaranteed good quality because carbon fibre makes it. You can buckle it up easily because of its
  • You may bring it with you when you travel to some places because you can fold it easily you can have more chance to capture more and more beautiful panoramic views you want because of this equipment. If you want some adjustment, then it will make easy for you because it has set with easy instruction and steps.
  • From a tripod, if you want to take a self photo then you can convert it into a monopod too. The item products are packed one by one in its bag for easy carrier especially when you are on travel trip.


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