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Zomei Q111 Portable Travel Tripod With 3-way Pan Head




Are you looking for a tripod that can help you manage your photography with less hassle and gives you a good output after? Then a professional tripod for DSLR Camera can best help you in this hobby or interest. The items have rubber feet and with an adjustable height of legs. It can make a fast transition of photos. It is built in, and the extent of its length is from 20 inches to 56 inches. The item is made from Aluminum, that have alloy material that made it last longer and that it weighs less. The item is applicable for DSLR and digital cameras. It has also made in 3-way Pan Head. So you will enjoy photography and capture moments to cherish.

Item Specs:

This Tripod has a brand name of Zomei; it can extend to 1,450mm and fold to 500 mm. It is appropriate for Digital Camera and weighs to 2g; This is made from an aluminum element which can define how durable and flexible this type of tripod. The item was on the package, and that alloy material is a good element for such item because this makes the item tougher and will not easily damage.

  • This tripod is guaranteed 100 percent aluminum made a material which clarifies the items that it won’t easily damage nor rusted and its color will not easily be fade.
  • This type of tripod is very helpful for the most professional photographer and those aspiring individuals who would want to take photos without the hassle and less stress.
  • Since it is convertible to a monopod, then this would be easily converted with given instruction which made easy for you if you want to take photos with you and the background on landscape or portrait angle.


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