Portrait Photography

Are you a fan of portrait photography? If you are a photographer who likes taking photo shoots of portrait images, then you probably know how important it can be to have a good tripod. A tripod is important because sometimes it seems like you have to take hundreds of photos before you get the perfect one, and having the right tripod to help you keep the camera steady, and able to transport it and angle it as you need, can be a real asset to helping you make the stunning picture you had in mind a reality.


If you are looking for the right tripod for your portrait photography needs, then the following are some of the criteria that are popular to look for in tripods. You probably don’t need to hit all of the criteria listed, but rather pick out a couple that are most relevant to your needs and prioritise them in your selection process.


  • Adjustability: Some tripods are more adjustable than others. Depending on the variety of poses you are trying to capture of your subject, you might find it very important to have a tripod that is highly adjustable. For example, the Giottos MTL9351 B Tripod has extremely adjustable legs that are quick to get exactly where you need them and allow you to continue snapping stunning images. This is one example of a tripod that is ideal for someone in search of a highly adjustable model.
  • Versatility: Some tripods have a wider range than others in terms of the angles they can reach. Models such as Giotto’s MTL 8360B Carbon Fibre Tripod and 652 Head are ideal for those looking to be able to capture precise images at any angle. The legs are also extremely adjustable, making it easy to take steady photos, even on uneven terrain. Those looking for extreme precision in their portrait photography would benefit from a model with as much versatility.
  • Mobility: If you are the type of photographer that likes to take portraits of your subject in a variety of different settings, then it is probably important to you that you have a tripod that is extremely portable. Models like the YTL Silk Road Series by Giotto have been optimised for the purpose of making travel easy for photographers. They are extremely compact when folded, making it the ideal choice for photographers on-the-go.


Of course, you may value all three of these characteristics extremely high on your list of priorities. If this is the case, you’ll want to find a tripod that balances out all three criteria, being easily portable while still maintaining the versatility and adjustability you need to get a quality shot. On the other hand, if you are not normally taking pictures at odd angles, or spending too much time travelling to do your photography, then you might need to find a tripod that capitalises on only one or two of the above criteria. It’s important to simply decide what is most important to you and find a tripod that embodies that!

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