Tips for Marketing Your UK Online Photography Service

With the constant development of technology and social media, photography has found a stable home online. The popularity of blogs has given photographers the opportunity to constantly market their work to thousands of people every day. Photographers build their portfolios in real time and use social media accounts to further promote their own personal brand. With all of this success being found online, you are probably just as eager to stake your claim in viral photography. Below we have assembled the 10 best tips for marketing yourself as an online photographer in the UK.


  1. Start Local

While your end goal is to be an established online photographer, it is important to utilise your local surroundings while building a portfolio. Rather than trying to build connections with strangers online, start by offering your photography services at community events and local social gatherings. Hand out business cards with your name, phone, email, and relevant social media accounts. Offer your personal services to people you meet face to face, and then allow them to speak to the quality of your work. If you can demonstrate you are proven professional for real people, selling your brand online becomes much easier.


  1. Utilise All of Social Media

While this tip may seem obvious, many people are unaware of the vast amount of social media sites which have become popular in the past few years, especially for the purpose of sharing photos. While sites like Facebook and Twitter should be the foundation of your social media presence, it is also important to build a following on sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr, especially if you run them on your iPhone 6s. If you have a consistent and recognisable brand across all social media platforms, attracting more people becomes exponentially easier. It might even be worth investing in a mobile phone monopod so that you always have your phone readily accessible.


  1. Start a Blog

Blogs are the most important aspect of online marketing for photographers. Blogs like Photofocus and Storbist reel in over 100.000 readers every day. While you cannot build a viral blog overnight, it is important to at least have an online portfolio to refer customers, fans, and social media followers too.


  1. Be Graphic

While most photographers pay heavy attention to visual rhetoric in their work, this same attention can often be missing when it comes to the design of their personal website. An individual could be one of the best photographers in the world, but they will not receive serious attention if they have an unattractive or basic website. If you do not have any experience in graphic or web design, you may want to recruit the help of an online professional. A visually appealing website clearly distinguished those who take their work seriously.


  1. Offer Real Services

If you are new to professional photography, chances are you will not receive a call from Vogue about the big photo shoot. That’s okay! Anyone looking to market themselves online must be willing to fulfil a necessary service. Such services could include wedding photography, travel photography, private modelling shoots, event recording, and much more! No matter what services you decide to provide, it is important that these services be listed on your personal website or blog with a corresponding price. This attention to price and service is what separates professional photographers from those who simply take photos as a hobby.


  1. Build Professional Connections

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Chances are you have heard this expression before. While this is not a concrete statement, there is an element of truth in finding success based upon who you know. While one can find relative success solely serving the public at large, it is important for an aspiring photographer to go beyond their comfort zone and reach out to established professionals across the globe. These connections can be built through conferences, charity work, and even social media. After establishing some connections in your iPhone 5, it is important to keep in contact with these people. Add prominent connections to an email list where you update them every month or two on the work you have been doing. This constant communication symbolises that you value the professional relationship, and can lead to recommendations and job offers later in time.


  1. Be Charitable

Doing charity work for a local or national organisation is one of the best ways to build your brand in photography. While you may sacrifice time and money for the opportunity, it is guaranteed that you will gain in the form of experience, portfolio material, or even additional job opportunities. In addition, photographs for large organisations will have more marketing power than those you capture personally.


  1. Know Your Audience

The key to any type of marketing is identifying your audience, determining the needs and wants of this audience, and then satisfying those needs in the form of a product or service. Marketing yourself as a photographer online is no different. For example, if your goal is to establish yourself as a wedding photographer, you should understand that your online audience will be mostly young women. You determine that your audience needs and wants wedding based photography, so you post these types of pictures to your blog instead of the ones from your holiday in Dover. Finally, you satisfy this need by offering wedding photography services on your website for 250 pounds an hour.


  1. Get Featured

No matter how much work you put into establishing your online brand, there will always be audiences who you will not reach. An easy way to market yourself beyond your own abilities is to gain a feature on a popular website or blog. This is easier said than done, but there are several photography blogs who accept work from other photographers in an attempt to showcase the best in the business.


  1. Above all, be creative!

While there are common avenues to success in every industry, creativity must be utilised to ensure you are staying ahead of the competition. There is no set rule to being creative, but a photographer must be willing to think outside of the box in order to gain more attention, attract more customers, and further contribute to their own sense of individualism.

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