Wedding Photography

A wedding is the most important day in the lives of two people: the bride and the groom. If you have been entrusted with the task of such colossal importance as documenting the event for years to come by memorializing the day through photography, then you surely don’t want to let the new happy couple down by providing them with lopsided or blurry photos due to a faulty tripod or monopod. Your tripod is extremely important to make sure that the photos the new couple receives are a worthy testament to their big day.


When picking the right tripod to use for your wedding photography needs, here are some of the characteristics that you might want to consider looking for in the model you choose:


  • Mobility: If you are taking photos during the wedding ceremony and the reception afterwards, it is likely that you will need to be moving all about the room to ensure that you capture everything, and to continuously stay out of the way of the party-goers and get images from an ideal vantage point to take in the entire scene. In order to cater to the enhanced level of mobility you are probably going to need, you should consider a lightweight and easily mobile model, such as Giotto’s MTL8350B 4-Section carbon tripod. This is a light and compact model that is easy to move about the room, which is something you would certainly value in a tripod during a wedding ceremony or wedding reception.
  • Precision: During the ceremony and reception, you might want to take photos at a variety of angles. For this reason, you’ll want a tripod that is extremely versatile and allows you to take pictures at any angle that you would like to. Giotto’s MH1302-655 Ball head model is one example of a tripod model that allows its user to take images from any angle that they would like, while also being compact and easily manoeuvrable.
  • Weight Capacity: Depending on how heavy your camera is, you will want to ensure that the tripod that you choose is up to par. Some tripods are not able to handle some heavier cameras, but others are designed to cater to those with more heavy-duty equipment. For example, Giotto’s MTL9361 tripod is capable of sustaining up to 10 kg of weight, meaning that you probably don’t have to worry about your camera being too heavy. However, with some other models, you might find that they aren’t up to the challenge of carrying your camera, depending on how much it weighs.


Depending on the nature of the wedding that you are going to photograph, not all of these qualities might be at the top of your list that you are looking for in a tripod. However, if you choose one or two of these qualities that mean the most to you in the tripod you are going to use on the big day, then you can prioritise those qualities during your search for the right tripod for your needs.
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